Five food stages to understand for a healthy dog

By feeding your dog the right food at the right stage in their life, you are sure to have a happy, healthy hound by your side. 

Whether your furry companion is a pup, an adult or is heading into the senior years – feeding your dog the right food at various stages of their life will make a big difference to their overall health and well-being.

Here are five common life stages and health problems that require special food to help your pooch live it’s best life:

Help your pup grow to their full potential

Nutrition during the puppy life stage is the most important element in determining growth and development for the lifelong health of your pet: 

TIP: A puppy’s stomach is more sensitive than older dogs (and much more sensitive than humans) so the key is to stick to dog food and treats made specifically for puppies. 


Support your adult dog’s activity levels

Are you and Rover up and at ‘em every day with long walks or runs, or do you take it easy with moderate exercise in between naps? The type of adult food, and the portion size you feed your dog also depends on the amount of daily exercise your dog is getting: 

TIP: Not sure which dog food to choose? We like OLYMPIC PROFESSIONAL ADULT, which is fully balanced and offers a holistic health solution.

Get those pounds off your hounds

Obesity in dogs is extremely dangerous and can cause serious health complications, not to mention it makes their lives very uncomfortable. If you’ve adopted an overweight dog or you notice their weight increasing, it may be best to put them on a dog food formulated for overweight pooches.

A diet specifically made for weight loss will ensure that your dogs are still receiving the correct amount of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals while eating fewer calories. If your dog is extremely overweight or obese, it is best to consult with your vet for a therapeutic nutritional solution.


It’s all in the coat

Nothing says health like a beautifully shiny coat. The best way to prevent allergies, skin and digestive issues, is by feeding the correct food, which will show in the condition of your dog’s coat. OLYMPIC PROFESSIONAL VITAL CONDITION is one of our favourite options for dogs with food or environmental sensitivities. 


Support for golden years

Senior dogs taking it easy and enjoying life with all the necessary creature comforts need a different diet to that of their younger years. As dogs age, their food requirements change: 

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