Rorisang Kgosana
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16 May 2016
10:49 am

Ex-rugby player breaks into club, falls through ceiling

Rorisang Kgosana

The former player was caught after he was injured while trying to escape.

Picture: Thinkstock

A man was arrested after he fell through a ceiling while trying to escape after he broke into the Centurion Rugby Club on Saturday night.

Orange Fox spokesperson Ruan Heyns said the man, a former rugby player at the club, gained entry through a fence and broke into the locker rooms, Rekord Centurion reported.

“He took some valuables from the locker rooms and tried escaping through the roof. That was when he fell through the ceiling.”

Club members contacted Lyttelton CPF Sector 1 and Sector 5 for assistance as the man was injured.

Heyns said the members recognised the man as they had previously played rugby with him.

“Orange Fox medical unit and ER24 were dispatched to assist. When they arrived, the man tried to run away,” Heyns said.

The man was caught by residents and the stolen goods were recovered.

“He stole three pairs of boots and keys for a vehicle that was parked at the rugby club. He was handed over to the Lyttelton police station,” added Heyns.

– Caxton News Service