Rorisang Kgosana
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30 Jun 2016
10:28 am

Woman allegedly dumps dogs in veld

Rorisang Kgosana

A Facebook post and photos taken by a resident went viral on Tuesday after he saw a woman dump her dogs in a veld.

The dogs were placed in a veld in Derdepoort. PHOTO: Nico Taljaard

The Tshwane SPCA has urged people to ensure they have proof of animal cruelty, as this could help the SPCA with investigations.

This after a Facebook post and photos by resident Nico Taljaard went viral on Tuesday after he saw a woman dump her dogs in a veld in Derdepoort, Pretoria North, on Monday afternoon.

Taljaard told the Rekord Moot he saw a woman driving a red car stop next to a veld in Derdepoort.

According to Taljaard, the woman opened her door and tossing her three dogs in the veld.

“I was driving to Cullinan when I saw a woman stop at the side of the road next to a veld. She opened her door and threw the larger dog out of her car. She then took two puppies from her car and placed them in the veld,” Taljaard added.

After witnessing the incident, Taljaard said he took photos of the animals and the woman’s car as she drove off.

“I went back to the dogs and contacted animal rescue, who collected the animals,” he said.

SPCA spokesperson Korky Levanon said a case of animal cruelty could be opened once the matter was reported and proof had been provided.

“The witness would need to come and speak to us and we would need evidence –  either a video or photographs. If the animals were injured, we would also need a report from the vet,” Levanon added.

She urged people to ensure they had proof of animal cruelty, as this could assist the SPCA with investigations.

“This avoids a ‘he said, she said’ situation. If there is proof and a vet’s report, we can open a case of animal cruelty,” Levanon said.

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