Rorisang Kgosana
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26 Jul 2016
4:07 pm

INFOGRAPHIC: Hijacking hotspots in Pretoria West

Rorisang Kgosana

Motorists are advised to always keep their car windows closed.

Hijacking hotspots Inforgraphic: The Citizen

There are some dangerous spots and roads in Pretoria West one should prefer to avoid, especially at night.

This after Afriforum neighbourhood watch issued a list of some of the worst spots in the area, Rekord Moot reported.

Branch chairperson Francois Oberholzer said drivers had to always be alert at night when driving along Vom Hagen and Rebecca streets.

“A lot of hijackings happen at night and criminals have been operating along Es’kia Mphahlele Drive, Struben and Vom Hagen streets, just near the market (Tshwane),” he said.

“We have also heard of hijacking complaints in Luttig, Rebecca and Transoranje roads.”

Oberholzer advised motorists to always keep their windows closed.

“If you are driving alone at night, keep your eyes wide open and make sure you don’t get distracted by anything,” he said.

“When approaching traffic lights, check what is happening around you. Keep the car in gear even if the traffic light doesn’t allow you to go through,” added Oberholzer.

Consider moving at a slow speed towards the intersection just to keep the vehicle from becoming a motionless target.

“While we can’t tell people to drive off when the light is red, we want them to keep the car moving slowly in case something happens,” Oberholzer said.

“If the car is in gear and moving, then you have a good chance are driving off and preventing a hijacking.”

Hijacking hotspots in and around Pretoria West:

– Es’kia Mphahlele(from Luttig street onwards to Pretoria North).

– Vom Hagen and Rebecca streets.

– WF Nkomo until Atteridgeville.

– Transoranje going out of Danville into Vom Hagen.

– Van der Hoff Road.

– Caxton News Service