Simnikiwe Hlatshaneni
Premium Journalist
2 minute read
26 Sep 2016
5:32 am

ANC Youth League asks students to stop protest

Simnikiwe Hlatshaneni

Wits student leaders believe the university planted the petrol bombs found over the weekend in a bid to discredit the #FeesMustFall movement.

The ANC Youth League (ANCYL) has called on students of the #FeesMustFall movement to go back to class and wait for government to finalise its stance on free education through the Commission of Inquiry into Higher Education and Training (Fees Commission).

During an urgent media briefing yesterday, the ruling party’s youth body said that it supported the call for free education but called on the government to fast-track the process of the Fees Commission to conclude its work before its deadline in May next year.

Despite this, Wits University student activists were determined to escalate their cause, calling for donations and support as the various student organisations prepared to keep the university “shut down” until their demands were heard. The Citizen has heard that some students feel under threat after the university announced it was considering shutting down residences.

However, Wits SRC president Kefentse Mkhari said the majority of the students would not be deterred.

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“It’s quite clear that here universities are led by white monopoly capitalists because they feel threatened and they are trying all ways to deter the movement. But we are saying we will never be deterred,” he said.

After the discovery of petrol bombs, the university has beefed up its security. With no police or campus investigation yet under way, some Wits student leaders have said they believed the university had planted the bombs in a bid to discredit the #FeesMustFall movement.

Shaeera Kalla, a former SRC president, told The Citizen yesterday that the sequence of events surrounding the incident did not add up in her opinion.

“Conveniently they find these petrol bombs and all we have is a picture to prove it. Instead of investigating, the university has in a very propagandist way put it [the pictures] on social media after threatening to close down residences,” she said.

Kalla’s suspicions were echoed by ANCYL president Collin Maine.