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15 Mar 2017
3:21 pm

Durban man dies a hero

Citizen Reporter

His throat was slit, and he died instantly.

Julian Poonsamy in happier times.

“He died a hero protecting my mother.” These were the words of Julianna Moodley after her uncle was allegedly brutally murdered in the early hours of Sunday morning, Phoenix Sun reports.

According to police reports, a 37-year-old suspect was arrested on Sunday, March 12, for the alleged murder of Julian Poonsamy and the attempted murder of Meggie Januk.

“It is alleged by members of Phoenix police that on Sunday at about 1am, they responded to a complaint of murder at Montmore Road in Stanmore, Phoenix. Upon arrival at the scene, members found the body of a 42-year-old Poonsamy lying on his back with a cut to his neck.  The other victim, Meggie Januk, had also sustained an injury to the head and one to the right shoulder,” said Captain Nqobile Gwala, provincial spokesman.

“My mother and stepfather were having an argument. Other family members who are boarding at my house were at home at the time of the incident.  They reportedly locked themselves in their rooms when the argument started,” Moodley said.

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“My uncle came over like he usually does to spend time with us. He left his bag and was then on his way to the shop. As he was leaving, he heard my mother scream. My step father  locked the front gate so my uncle attempted to jump over the fence to assist my mother,” she continued.

She alleges that at this point, her uncle was attacked and his throat was cut.  He reportedly fell to the floor and died instantly. It is alleged that the mother was stabbed in the head and right shoulder.

“Our family has suffered a huge loss. My mother and grandparents are devastated. My uncle was not from Phoenix. He resided in Morningside and only came to Phoenix to play volleyball and visit us. He was not like an uncle to me, he was more like a brother because we grew up together.  Julian was trying to help my mother, he died a hero to us.  Our family has really been shaken up by this incident,” she said.

Moodley added that the family wants justice to be served and the law takes its course.

Police are investigating further.

– Caxton News Service

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