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Philippa Francis
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7 Apr 2017
11:14 am

Homeowner shoots fleeing robber

Philippa Francis

The intruder had allegedly climbed through the burglar bars of an open window in the bedroom.

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A suspect is detained under police guard in hospital after he was shot by the owner of the house he had broken into in West Acres, Mpumalanga.

Hi-Tech Security responded to the scene at Totius Crescent, West Acres, soon after neighbours heard a loud noise and gunshots on Thursday, Lowvelder reported.

According to police spokesperson Captain Dawie Pretorius, the complainant and his family were sleeping when he was woken up by something, and he saw a man standing next to his bed.

The intruder had allegedly climbed through the burglar bars of an open window in the bedroom.

The homeowner kept a gun in its holster next to his bed.

A struggle ensued between the homeowner and the suspect.

“As the complainant pushed the suspect through one of the large bedroom windows, the gun allegedly went off for the first time. As the suspect ran away, the complainant fired three more shots,” Pretorius explained.

The suspect was able to jump over several properties’ walls and collapsed at some stage in Cambell Street, where Hi-Tech’s medical services attended to the suspect.

Pretorius added the suspect was in possession of a cellphone he had stolen from the house.

Strini Ramea, assistant manager at Hi-Tech, said the suspect was found lying in a driveway at about 5.15am.

“The patient had two gunshot wounds on in his right leg and another in his abdomen. He also had a laceration on his left hand. When we transported him to Rob Ferreira Hospital, he was in a serious condition,” Ramea said.

Police are investigating two separate cases of house robbery and attempted murder.

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