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4 May 2017
12:54 am

WhatsApp goes down for many users around the world

Citizen Reporter

Many social media users took to Twitter to respond to the news that the messaging service was down.

AFP/File / Stan Honda
An online privacy tool endorsed by Edward Snowden is being used to protect WhatsApp messages from snooping by encrypting them as they travel the Internet

It is widely reported that the messaging service, WhatsApp, went down for users in many parts of the world on Wednesday night.

The Independent in the UK reported WhatsApp users had said they could not send, receive or load conversations on their WhatsApp and that it was likely to be a problem with servers. The Express in the UK reported it was unclear as to when the app would be online or what was causing the issue.

It was further reported by The Independent that the website, Down Detector, reported that the problems were noted by users in parts of west Europe, on the east coast of the United States and in South America, however, it was reported that this could be influenced by time zones.

Many other publications have also reported that people around the world are affected by the problem, such as the IBTimes UKExpress in the UK and the UK’s Evening Standard.

In South Africa, The Citizen was also unable to connect to the app from around 11pm South African time. It seemed there was a problem with the connectivity. By 12.30am on Thursday morning, The Citizen was able to send WhatsApp messages again.

The Telegraph reported that a spokesperson for WhatsApp confirmed some people had “trouble accessing WhatsApp for a short period” and that they were working to restore the service completely.

According to the IBTimes UK, the last time that WhatsApp was offline was on New Year’s Eve.

Many social media users took to Twitter to respond to the news that the messaging service was down:

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