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Samantha Traill
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11 May 2017
2:47 pm

Man shot in stomach, undisclosed money stolen in robbery

Samantha Traill

As the injured man sat in his bakkie, the suspects opened his door and took an undisclosed amount of money.

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A man was shot in the stomach in an armed robbery on Northey Street, Mpumalanga.

As the injured man sat in his bakkie, the suspects opened his door and took an undisclosed amount of money on Tuesday.

Three gunshots echoed through the buildings in the Central Business District (CBD), and many people around the area rushed out to see what was happening.

The shooting occurred opposite Praise Nursery School, Witbank News reported.

Richard Nyalulunta was driving his orange WildTrak Ford Ranger down the road.

Driving next to him was a white Mercedes Benz with a GP registration number that had three occupants inside.

“I withdrew money from a bank at Highveld Mall, and then I had a meeting in the CBD,” said Nyalulunta from his hospital bed.

One of the three suspects started shooting at Nyalulunta, and as the first shot was fired, he started to reverse his vehicle to get out of the way, bumping a white Nissan Tiida that was parked in the parking zone in the road, which then bumped the black Volkswagen that was parked behind him.

On Tuesday, May 9 a person was shot in the stomach in an attempted robbery in Northey Street.

Two more shots were fired, and one bullet went through the driver’s door of the vehicle.

“Three shots were fired, I am not sure where the first shot went, then the second shot hit the front wheel and the third shot went through my door and into my stomach,” added Nyalulunta.

In the Nissan Tiida, three occupants sat inside the vehicle and noticed everything unfold in front of them.

“We just heard the gunshots, and then we saw the orange bakkie reversing and collided into my vehicle. Once the bakkie came to a stop a person got out of the vehicle and started shouting, ‘Give it’, ‘Give it’,” said the driver of the vehicle who would like to remain anonymous.

The bullet hole in the side of the door of the orange WildTrac bakkie.

According to the driver of the Nissan Tiida, a bag was handed over.

Maureen Scheepers a member of South African Community Crime Watch (SACCW) who works in the Smuts Park building heard all the commotion outside her window.

She immediately started calling for backup and then ran to see if she could help.

Once she got to the vehicles, she managed to get the injured driver out of his vehicle and made him lie down on the pavement.

Nursing staff and staff from the causality unit from eMalahleni Private Hospital that heard the gunshots rushed over to the scene with a gurney.

Staff members from eMalahleni Private Hospital pushed the injured man to the hospital for treatment on Tuesday, May 9.

The injured Nyalulunta was placed on to the gurney and pushed down the road straight into the causality unit.

“While he was lying on the pavement, he kept on saying that they took his money,” said Scheepers.

Scheepers along with the driver of the white Nissan Tiida both recalled the suspects were young-looking and wore dark clothing.

“I went to visit Richard in hospital, he will be fine as the bullet passed through without damaging any of his organs,” said Scheepers.

On Wednesday morning, May 10, Nyalulunta was contacted he confirmed that he was still recovering in hospital.

“I am feeling fine, I don’t have any pain at the moment and I am lucky that the bullet never damaged any of my organs,” said Nyalulunta.

Scheepers received a message from Nyalutunta on Wednesday morning saying.

“Good morning Maureen, I’m feeling better, I slept well, no pain at all. Thanks for helping me. Our country needs more people like you.”

A case of attempted robbery with firearm and attempted murder are being investigated.

“People must please restrain from drawing large sums of money from the bank,” said Brigadier Sipho Mokwatlo from Witbank Police Station.

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