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12 May 2017
4:55 pm

Dine and dash at Pizza Del Forno in Joburg

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It is alleged her car was parked far away from the restaurant.

A screenshot of the woman who allegedly didn't pay her bill.

A woman recently made a dash out of a restaurant after not paying a R402 bill she had racked up in Kelvin, north of Johannesburg, Sandton Chronicle reports.

The unknown woman ordered R402 worth of items which included a pizza with extras, several drinks and wings. She then got up and left the Pizza Del Forno without settling the bill.

The restaurant is seeking to find the woman responsible and has opened a case at Sandton Police Station.

Shanta Singh, owner of Pizza Del Forno, in Kelvin, said: “The lady ordered a pizza, wings, wine and coffee and was in the restaurant for several hours.” Singh said that she went outside a few times to have a cigarette and came in and ordered more food.

According to Singh, after she ordered all the food and drinks. “She picked up her bag, looked around to see who was looking and left. She had parked quite far away at the end of the parking in a white vehicle.”

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Singh said she put the image on Facebook hoping someone would recognise her and come forward. She was contacted by a man who said he thought he knows who the woman was and provided her name and ID number, which she gave to the police when the case was opened.

Constable David Mothapo, spokesperson for Sandton Police Station, confirmed that the incident occurred and that a case has been opened. He said that bilking is a crime, and it occurs when a person orders food or any consumables and then fails to settle the bill.

“Customers are urged to ensure that they have enough cash with them or if they are going to use a card to pay, that there is sufficient funds in the account. It is also very important for customers to take note of the prices of whatever they order.”

Mothapo said that a case can be opened against the perpetrator regardless of the amount of money owed to the store or restaurant.

“Even if a card is declined due to insufficient funds, or whatever reason, the store still has a right to open a case,” Mothapo ended.


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