Adekunle Owolabi
2 minute read
14 Jun 2017
5:50 am

Ask Mashaba: How to apply for RDP housing in Joburg

Adekunle Owolabi

Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba responds to your questions.

File picture: Mayor of Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba. Picture: Neil McCartney

1. Mr Mashaba, I live in Orange Farm. I have two kids and I’m working. Please, the only thing I need is a piece of land with water, toilets and electricity so I can be a happy South African. But I feel like a foreigner in my country when foreigners are given RDP houses. Thozamile Maga, Orange Farm.

Mayor Mashaba: Dear Thozamile Maga, kindly apply for an RDP house at your local housing office if you earn an income that is below R3 500 per month. The other option of land is a plan the city is working on of availing serviced sites for people to build their own houses.

We are targeting 200 sites for the financial year starting in July. Information pertaining to these sites and how they can be accessed will be disseminated as soon as the project kicks off.

2. Dear Sir, I have been advised to get my affairs in order and one of the documents I need are the deeds for my house. The deeds office tells me I have to go to Marble House, bring the fee and stand in a queue of undeterminable length to obtain a copy.

Surely, in this technological age, this can be done via e-mail or other. I am a pensioner and the thought of the above does not appeal. There must be an easier way. Thank you for the good things you are bringing to our city. Allister Thom, Strathavon.

Mayor Mashaba: Thank you, Allister Thom. We would have loved to assist. However, the deeds office does not fall under the control of the City of Joburg or any other local government. It falls under the national department of rural development and land reform. Please contact the deeds office at 011-843-8307/8336 for assistance.

3. Dear Mr Mayor, would it be possible for you to request City Parks to undertake some form of beautification of the William Nicol on-/off-ramp, which currently closely resembles the Stalag Gulag, with endless stretches of broken rocks, usually festooned with weeds? What a gloomy, depressing sight.

I am well aware that we have a serious problem with water, but the answer is to utilise our indigenous plants and/ or trees, like aloes or thorn trees, that are able to survive with only the occasional shower of rain. The trees can be kept at a reasonable height and aloes make a beautiful sight in winter, as is the case right now. Ursula Kohler, Lone Hill.

Mayor Mashaba: Dear Ursula Kohler, the William Nicol on-/ off-ramp is owned by the South African National Roads Agency Limited and, therefore, serviced by them. We have forwarded your query to the project manager, Thabo Mahlakwana. You can also contact him on 012-426-6292 or

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