Rorisang Kgosana
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14 Jun 2017
7:35 pm

Police arrest woman for drugging men

Rorisang Kgosana

The woman allegedly offered the men sweets then vanished along with a laptop and two cellphones.

An incident of mob justice in Olievenhoutbosch landed a woman in hospital for seducing men and drugging them, only to flee with their belongings.

In the early hours of Monday morning, a man and his friend were in a car drinking alcohol in Extension 36 when two women approached them.

They requested to join the men in the car and took part in the drinking, police spokesperson Constable Kate Selepe said.

Eventually, the man’s friend suggested that the party move to his own home, she said.

Upon arrival, the couples started kissing and the victim alleged the women tried to pass them sweets through the act. However, he said he refused the sweet as he remembered hearing about the modus operandi.

They eventually went to bed but awoke to find one of the women had vanished along with a laptop and two cellphones.

The victim and the remaining woman headed to a nearby petrol station, Selepe said, where her accomplices, two men and her initial partner were waiting to help her get away.

“The victim managed to recover his stolen items but the three accomplices fled and left behind the same woman. This led to mob justice by the community who assaulted the woman. Police intervened and she was taken to hospital under police guard.”

She was found in possession of stolen items and a sweet believed to be a drug.

“This common modus operandi is being used by the women and a gang who are believed to target their victims in order to steal from them. The suspect will appear before the Pretoria Magistrates Court soon while police track the other perpetrators,” said Selepe.