Yoshini Perumal
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4 Jul 2017
3:31 pm

Baseball bat attack leaves man braindead

Yoshini Perumal

It is alleged Naicker had stepped out to buy marijuana from a dealer in the area when the incident occurred.

Praganathan Naicker has been hospitalised following the alleged brutal assault.

A 22-year-old man, who was raised by his granny after both his parents passed away, is fighting for his life after he was allegedly assaulted by a man known to him in the Westcliff area in KwaZulu-Natal, Rising Sun Chatsworth reports.

According to Joyce Naik her nephew, Praganathan Naicker told them he was stepping out to buy marijuana (dagga) from a dealer in the area when the incident occurred last Friday.

“When he returned home, he was in a bad condition. He had injuries to his head, body and legs. When we inquired about what happened, he named the people who assaulted him and said they struck him with a baseball bat and allowed their dog to bite him. We rushed him to the RK Khan Hospital, where he was treated. He was then transferred to ICU at Albert Luthuli Hospital for further specialised medical attention,” claimed Naik.

According to his family, Naicker’s injuries included severe dog bites, head injuries and a ruptured eardrum.

“Doctors told us that he is braindead and he cannot hear or see. We are praying for his recovery and hope that the people who did this to him face the full might of the law,” added Naik.

Communications officer of the Chatsworth police, Captain Cheryl Pillay confirmed that an attempted murder case was opened and one person appeared in court already yesterday. Kumeshen Naicker (32) appeared in the Chatsworth Magistrate’s Court and was released on bail. He will reappear in court on August 4.

“It is alleged that the victim was severely assaulted before being transported via ambulance to a local hospital. The victim remains in a serious condition,” she added.

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Roselyn Bouverie claims she was assaulted by one of her neighbours.

Roselyn Bouverie claims she was assaulted by one of her neighbours.

Meanwhile, a 49-year-old woman from Glenover Road claims she was severely beaten with a steel chair following an argument with one of her neighbours.

Self-employed businesswoman, Roselyn Bouverie said she lives about three blocks away from the woman for 27 years.   She encouraged the woman to seek anger management or psychological help as she is always getting into fist fights and arguments with residents in the area.

Describing her ordeal as terrifying and unexpected, the mother of one said: “I was walking to my friend’s house when I was confronted by her. She asked me something pertaining to my husband and I told her to address the issue with him as I was not there during the incident she was referring to. She became aggravated and hurled vulgar words at me. I was upset and decided to walk away because I don’t believe in engaging an enraged person. I returned to my home and a little while later when I was walking back to my friend’s house, she attacked me from the back.”

Bouverie said the 54-year-old woman struck her with the steel chair and dragged her by her hair.

“I didn’t know what was happening and didn’t expect the woman to behave in this manner for something so trivial. She dragged me by my hair to the doorstep of her home, where she left me to bleed as she watched me,” she further claimed.

The traumatised woman was severely injured on her face and head and was rushed to a nearby hospital where she received stitches to the side of her face.

Captain Cheryl Pillay, said a case of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm was opened at the Chatsworth police.

“At this stage, no arrests have been made and investigations are ongoing,” she added.


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