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Phumla Nkalanga
1 minute read
20 Jul 2017
2:55 pm

Police find mother who ‘abandoned’ her baby

Phumla Nkalanga

The mother has promised to come and fetch her baby after she 'abandoned' the baby at a daycare centre two years ago.

Police have managed to get hold of the mother who allegedly dumped her nine-month-old baby at a daycare centre two years ago.

This comes after the incident trended on social media and a concerned community member, who requested to remain anonymous, alerted the police, the Mpumalanga News reported.

Police spokesperson Captain Jabu Ndubane said the mother from Secunda denied she abandoned her baby.

“She told us that there was an agreement between her and the owner. This is contradicting to what the owner of the daycare centre told us. The 70-year-old pensioner, who is the owner of the centre, said she never met this woman before until she found herself in this dilemma,” she said.

Ndubane said the mother promised to come and fetch the baby next week Tuesday.

“We are waiting for her as she promised to come and take her child since the pensioner has been struggling to raise the child for the past two years,” Ndubane said.

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