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Samantha Traill
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21 Jul 2017
10:59 am

Wife told husband in SMS before Witbank deaths: Answer my calls, or you’ll be sorry

Samantha Traill

The couple had a fight before the deaths of the wife and children.

Mr Mhlanga

After receiving a threatening message from his wife, the dead bodies of his wife and three children were found in Mpumalanga, Witbank News reports.

On Thursday, July 13, Mandla Mhlanga, 40, confirmed that he did receive an SMS from his wife, Pearl Mhlanga, and it read: “If you don’t answer my calls, you will be sorry.”

According to information received from the police, Mhlanga stormed out of the family house in Skiatos Complex in Reyno Ridge on Saturday afternoon, July 8, after the couple had an argument.

The children spent some time with a relative before they returned home to their mother.

Pearl tried to call her husband numerous times, but he never answered his phone.

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She then proceeded to send him the message. Mhlanga read the message and became concerned.

Mhlanga was not at home when the incident happened, as he was spending time at his family house.

On Monday morning, July 10, when the bodies of his family members were found he was notified about the incident by his in-laws.

When he arrived on scene he could not believe his eyes as the house where his children once ran up and down the stairs was now flooded with policemen and detectives.

Initially, on July 10, the domestic worker that works at the Mhlanga family house in Skiatos Complex in Cancer Street, Reyno Ridge, noticed the red Jeep Cherokee parked outside, doors locked and all the curtains in the house drawn, which the employee found odd.

The domestic worker knocked a couple of times, and there was no answer, and it was unlike the Mhlanga family to not open the doors. Concerned, she contacted the mother to now deceased Mhlanga to notify her about her concern.


Autopsies under way to determine cause of mystery deaths in Witbank

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