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Orrin Singh
1 minute read
23 Oct 2017
2:40 pm

WATCH: Chinese consul takes a stand in protecting KZN rhinos

Orrin Singh

A cheque was handed over to Thula Thula Private Game Reserve for the protection of wildlife.

KZN Chinese Delegation members stand together with Thula Thula Private Game Reserve staff and Security 4U members at the show of solidarity, which took place over the weekend - Picture: Orrin Singh

A KZN Chinese delegation, acting on behalf of the greater Durban Chinese community, has taken a public stand to protecting the endangered rhinos in Zululand, Zululand Observer reports.

On Saturday, the Consul General of China, Jianzhou Wang, handed over a cheque of R120 000 to Thula Thula Private Game Reserve to be used for ‘the conservation and protection of wildlife’.

“We have an old Chinese teaching that says ‘Do not fail to do good – even if it is small, and do not engage in evil – even if it is small – no matter how small it is. And in my view, poaching is evil,” he said.

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“China wants to contribute to the ecological security of the world, and has made positive changes by banning the import of African ivory and carbon products into our country,” said Wang during a media briefing at Thula Thula, the culmination of an educational trip through the Reserve and the wildlife sanctuary.

WATCH: Video below is was compiled by Julie Laurenz, Owner Operator at Nguni TV.


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