Gosebo Mathope
2 minute read
18 Dec 2017
5:20 pm

Nzimande: SACP condemns Trump for declaring Jerusalem capital of ‘apartheid Israel’

Gosebo Mathope

Secretary general of the South African Communist Party (SACP) Dr Blade Nzimande this afternoon condemned US president Donald Trump for "unilaterally declaring Jerusalem as the capital city of apartheid Israel."

SACP Secretary General Blade Nzimande. Picture: Yeshiel Panchia

Nzimande was delivering message of support to the national conference, an item which was defered later during the week when some delegates argued that it can not be done behind closed doors.

“We want to address you in front of everybody like, not witches at night. We want to do this to strengthen the movement. South Africa needs ANC. For a number of reasons. I will mention only a few,” Nzimande commenced.

“Firstly the ANC is the only organisation that is best capable of realising dreams and aspirations of millions of South Africans. Comrades we came out of Mangaung five years ago and say let us drive the second phase of radical transformation.

“One of the [ANC] characters is its ability to unite the country. You can’t not build the country if people are divided across colour and ethnic lines. When we say it is leader of society we can not wear it like it a badge, you must live it. If you wear [it] if you forget you should work for the people,” Nzimande said.

He reminded ANC leaders and delegates that historically liberation movements implode twenty years after they have taken power on the African continent. He said this doesn’t have to automatically happen with the ANC.

” Yes there are always regime change agandas, we must look at ourselves and say are we not making mistakes that could be used by our enemies to effect a regime change agenda. In our language we talk of the need for self-critic.

“Self-criticism means reflecting at yourself. We can’t be going to our people only when it’s election time. That is part of reconfiguring our alliance and to implement programmes we have,” he warned.

He also bemoaned lack of consultation within the alliance.

“We need meaningful democratic consultation among the alliance partners. We need political education, lehlile irhabulo kumbutho maqabane. All they know what to do is to political gatekeeing. We need to revitalise it with political education.

“Let’s use this conference as the basis for reconnecting with our people. 2019 should be a wake-up call and let us not be denialists about it. ]We] Condemn Trump for unilaterally declaring Jerusalem as the capital city of apartheid Israel,” he concluded.

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