Gosebo Mathope
3 minute read
27 Dec 2017
2:41 pm

Mboro: ‘I prayed the toddler back to life and the paramedic killed her’

Gosebo Mathope

Ekurhuleni emergency services accuse Mboro of trying to force the child onto a stretcher before she could be assessed and assaulting an officer.


“It is funny how people will lie, I received a message from one of my assistant pastors, the child was sick. I could see she will die. I was told she doesn’t have water in the system and I said this is medical problem,” Pastor Paseka Motsoeneng, known as Mboro, refuted allegations he interfered with emergency medical services officers on scene.

“I asked them to call the ambulance and encouraged the church and all of them to call the ambulance. I started saying all people should call the ambulance and they did that. Unfortunately the people at the call center ended up getting annoyed because this is not the only case. While I was praying with the child,  she started vomiting.

“Everybody was crying and the mother started crying. I have the video. The child came back to life. I have the video. Few minutes later the ambulance people came and they sat in their ambulance,” he said.

Motsoeneng denied allegations that when Ekurhuleni emergency medical services arrived the little child had passed on, and that he wasted precious time with stunts instead of ensuring the child was rushed to the nearest hospital.

“What you must understand is that to take a sick person like that to hospital the car must be equipped. If you go there without a referral you will not be attended.

“The woman attended the clinic on Saturday and they turned her away and they said they don’t have a drip and the child messed herself and the diarrhea spilled on the floor and the mother had to clean the floor herself,” he claimed.

He also insisted at some point after his prayers the child came back to life. He said when the emergency personnel arrived at his Incredible Happenings Church in Katlehong, a female emergency response officer refused to get into the church, tucked her hands in her pockets and refused to bring a stretcher into the church.

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“An oxygen tank was thrown on the floor. We are at the police station, we are opening a case. You rather cut the interview I don’t care about it. You don’t care about the little the child. This interview is not just about you people are listening.

“You don’t want to listen you are busy interrupting. I am telling you what happened, the child she was breathing and crying. I asked them to put oxygen in the mouth of the child. I have been begging and she said she won’t do that,” Mboro told 702’s Clement Manyathela.

He accused the emergency services of opening a police case to counter a lawsuit he will bring against them, saying they were “negligent.”

Ekurhuleni emegency medical services spkesperson William Tladi said Motsoeneng is fabricating an improbable version.

“I would like to say our paramedic suffered laceration on the right cheek due to an altercation that took place between her and Mboro. There was friction because they wanted to check the child. He wanted to force the child on the stretcher and take her to the ambulance.

“We are required to conduct an assessment and only then take the child to the ambulance. The friction was high and the police came, the ambulance crew had to call back-up from fire engines and the police. No one knows a person is dead  until an the assessment is done. As a result once it was done, the patient was declared dead,” Tladi explained.

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