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24 May 2019
5:24 pm

Western Cape police probe ‘suspicious arrest’ of Esethu Mcinjana

Citizen Reporter

Mcinjana was detained overnight after she was found sitting on a bench in Sea Point.

Western Cape police are investigating what is alleged to be the wrongful arrest of Esethu Mcinjana by Sea Point police officers on Sunday. Mcinjana released footage of her arrest, which trended on social media, leaving many with questions around the arrest.

Mcinjana said she had arrived early for her 10:45 interview and sat on a bench while waiting when she was apprehended by officers, who allegedly accused her of being in possession of criminal equipment such as signal jammers for cars.

She was approached by police while taking selfies.

In the video, Mcinjana maintains she was in possession of a gate remote control before she was detained in the Sea Point police station overnight.

The footage shows a female officer instructing Esethu to not interrupt her as she searched her bag.

EWN reports that investigations are under way regarding the matter.

Brigadier Novela Potelwa said police were expected to abide by the police code of conduct.

“An investigation has been instituted to probe the matter. The probe is being led by a senior police officer from the Cape Town Cluster.

“The SAPS wishes to reiterate its commitment to upholding the constitution of the Republic of South Africa that espouses the principles of human rights … police officials are expected to abide by the tenets of the SAPS Code of Conduct that speak to the treatment of everyone in a human manner.

“If any police official is found to have transgressed any aspect cited above, decisive action will be taken.”

Mcinjana is reported to be considering legal action against the police station.

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