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11 Oct 2019
3:34 pm

Ntsiki Mazwai mixes up her Goliaths, ‘swears at’ Donovan instead of Jason

Citizen Reporter

The poet meant to describe Jason as 'another man who abuses women', but Donovan got caught in the Twitter crosshairs.

Donovan Goliath | Image: Supplied

Poet Ntsiki Mazwai, known for being both controversial and extremely active on social media, attacked comedian Donovan Goliath on Twitter, only to discover she had actually meant to direct her anger at his business partner, fellow comedian Jason Goliath.

Mazwai took to Twitter to share a private direct message (DM) sent to her by Donovan on Twitter, in which he told her she was confusing him for another Goliath.

Mazwai acknowledged that she “just swore at the wrong Goliath”, calling it “a waste of my spice!”

She also apologised and called Donovan a “warm and loving spirit”.

It was actually Jason she had meant to shout at in an earlier tweet for allegedly “attacking a woman because Chris hits and rapes women” and being “another man who abuses women”.

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Despite how some might read the tweet, she was not accusing Jason of physical abuse, with the accusations actually due to Jason having tagged actress Lalla Hirayama in a post accusing her ex-boyfriend Chris Nkosi of rape.

Nkosi stands accused of having raped Goliath’s wife, and Jason alleged that Hirayama stayed with Nkosi despite knowing this. The couple broke up in 2016.

Jason apologised on Twitter following a backlash, after he faced accusations of insensitivity, with one user saying that his tweet shows how men “practice patriarchy”, as he should have addressed it only to Nkosi, rather than bringing Hirayama into it.

“I would like to apologise for tagging you. In my rage and because you were mentioned in @AmINext_SA tweet sharing my wife’s rape story without her consent. It was a cry to break the silence. I am broken. I am part of the problem,” Jason tweeted.

(Compiled by Daniel Friedman)

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