Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
3 minute read
9 Jun 2020
12:46 pm

Steve Hofmeyr’s son launches attack against cosmetics company

Kaunda Selisho

Steve Hofmeyr's son proved that agitation is a family business, by having his followers bash a South African company for making donations to people of colour.

Devon hofmeyr with his father Steve Hofmeyr | Image: Facebook

Cosmetics company Swiitch Beauty found themselves on the wrong end of a campaign by Steve Hofmeyr’s son, after announcing that they would be standing in solidarity with those speaking out against racial inequality through the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

The company put their money where their mouth is by announcing that they would be offering two forms of financial assistance to businesses owned by other people of colour.

“We stand in solidarity with those standing up [and] speaking out against racial inequality and human injustice. Here’s what we’re doing about it. R50,000 in the form of a cash grant to black-owned beauty business – comment below if you own this business. R100,000 in the form of product to up-and-coming black freelance make up artists who are looking to build their kit – comment below if you are this person.

Partnering up with up-and-coming black-owned e-store @hellenrose as our FIRST EVER official reseller

The tiny Swiitch team is made up of 50% black, 40% Indian and 10% white members

And if these numbers make you uncomfortable – unfollow us,” declared the page.

This announcement was immediately met with resistance from a few Caucasian Swiitch Beauty followers but the message was amplified when Devon Hofmeyr, who is almost as famous for his ability to provoke racial drama as his more talented father, took a screenshot of the message and shared it on his Facebook page.

“This is absolutely insane!” he declared.

SwiitchBeauty is a South-African cosmetics business that is showing its true racism right here! If you ever wondered what the word ‘racism’ means, seeing that it is used all over the world, it will be this right here!

“White people will be totally excluded. This is a business that loves you money, but hates your race!!! Swiitch Beauty, how can you speak up against racial inequality and human injustices of that is exactly what you are doing here ?”

#swiitchbeautymustfall!!!!” posted Devon.

He then followed up his post with a call to action to people to go give the page negative reviews.

Devon Hofmeyr comment | Image: Screenshot (Facebook)

This was confirmed by Swiitch Beauty founder, Rabia Ghoor.

People of colour who were made aware of Devon’s campaign immediately flocked to the Swiitch Beauty page to counteract the negative reviews with positive reviews.

Some users even went as far as reporting some of the negative commentators to their own employers, leading them to apologise and retract their negative reviews.

Nicole Fourie apology | Image: Screenshot (Facebook)

Devon’s post was reported to Facebook as hate speech and his account was suspended for a few hours. He then returned to Facbook to call the move “skokend” (sic) (shocking) before adding “The dual standards on social media is rough and it just proves once again that social media is controlled by liberals. If my Facebook was a building, monument or statue they would have burned it a long time ago.”

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