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23 Sep 2021
6:00 am

No more excuses! Vaccinate, and own your life

Editorial staff

The Citizen and partners will be rolling out trustworthy information about Covid-19 and vaccines, to help convince you to own your life.

Own your life.

The coronavirus and its associated deadly disease, Covid-19, have devastated South Africa over the past 18 months, claiming more than 86 000 lives in the official death toll.

Experts, however, believe the real numbers are probably much higher, due to the huge number of “excess deaths” during that period.

Vaccinate and Own Your Life

Vaccines highly effective

Vaccines to protect against infection but more importantly, against severe illness, hospitalisation and even death, are now available across the country – for free.

Scientific studies have shown not only are these jabs highly effective in reducing the number of hospitalisations and deaths, but they are overwhelmingly safe.

vaccines vaccination
A patient receives the Covid-19 vaccine, administered by nurse Andrina Mabaso, 7 September 2021, at the Rhema Bible Church vaccination site in Bromhof, Randburg. Picture: Michel Bega

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Vaccine hesitancy in SA

Yet, not everybody is convinced about either of these two facts.

There is a worrying level of vaccine hesitancy among ordinary South Africans – and understandably so, given the bewildering tsunami of information about the virus.

We, as The Citizen and other components of the Caxton Group, believe vaccination is the only way to beat this pandemic and the only way to get our lives back to normality.

Own your life now

So, over the next few weeks and months, we will be bringing you trustworthy information about Covid-19 and the vaccines – and stories from people in the frontlines of the virus war, as well as how Covid has affected ordinary people and their lives.

For all the latest information about vaccines, Covid-19, and any related news, check in here.

Join us – Vaccinate… And own your life.

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