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2 Oct 2021
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Ready for the jab? Here’s where to get the vaccine in Gauteng today

Cheryl Kahla

President Cyril Ramaphosa launched the Vooma Vaccination drive on Friday. Here's where to get your Covid-19 vaccine.

The Vooma vaccination drive hopes to get 70% of South Africans vaccinated by December, so that South Africans can stave off a deadly fourth wave.

More than 17 million vaccines have been administered as of Friday. The health department urges those eligible to partake in the Vooma Vaccination drive.

Vooma‘ is a South Africanism derived from the Afrikaans word ‘woema’, meaning ‘energy and speed’. It also resembles the Nguni word ‘vuma’, meaning ‘agree’.

Vooma Vaccination drive

President Cyril Ramaphosa called on premiers, ministers and community leaders to intensify their support for the Covid-19 vaccine programme.

The Vooma Weekends campaign is a mass vaccination drive during which all public vaccination sites – and additional pop-up sites – will open for the weekend.

Meanwhile, Deputy President David Mabuza launched the vaccination drive in the North West, where he called on South Africans to stop delaying.

“It is in our collective interests to call to action every eligible South African to stop procrastinating and to prioritise getting vaccinated against the virus”.

Half a million by Sunday

The goverment’s goal is to vaccinate at least 500,000 people between Friday and Sunday.

In order to prevent the fourth wave – or at the very least, minimise its impact – we’ll need approximately 70% of the adult population fully vaccinated by December.

Remember: Vaccination is free to everyone living in South Africa. Apart from the sites mentioned below, you can also get the vaccine at private pharmacies, including Dischem and Clicks.

Vaccine sites in Gauteng

Don’t forget to take your ID or driver licence, or a police-signed affidavit confirming your identity. You don’t need to register; personnel will capture your details on the EVDS at the site.

Alternatively, register on the official South African Covid-19 Vaccination Programme registration portal, but remember to take your ID to the vaccination site.

A complete list of all Vooma Vaccination site across the country can be perused here.

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Where to get your vaccine today:

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