Lady Gaga undefeatable

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25 Aug 2013
11:46 am

Lady Gaga undefeatable

Lady Gaga won't let computer hackers who leaked her comeback single, 'Applause', defeat her.

Lady Gaga. Image courtesy Andrea Wilson (Wikimedia commons).

Lady Gaga won’t let computer hackers defeat her. The superstar’s comeback single ‘Applause’ was leaked online before its scheduled release date and Gaga stands by the threat she made on Twitter when she heard the news.

She wrote at the time: ”Wanna grab some shovels and f**k up some hackers?” Asked whether she still wants to attack the computer geeks who leaked the track, Gaga replied: ”Yes, I did mean that Tweet. I just think, especially for the music industry right now, it’s important that we all stick together, that we support one another and each other’s records.

”Hackers leaking songs before they’re released is detrimental to our marketing plan, so I thought it would be a funny way to tell everyone that we’re OK over here in the Haus of Gaga. We got our team together very quickly to be ready for the release.” The singer also explained why she decided to call her new album ‘ARTPOP’, claiming her creative team are so obsessed with art, they want to create their own cultural movement.

In an interview with French radio station NRJ Gaga said: ”I wanted to create an album that was a reverse experience from pop art, so the pop art movement was defined by putting pop culture on a canvas, putting pop culture into art, and the art pop movement is putting art into pop culture.

”My creative process is that I sit with the Haus of Gaga after my shows every night, and we sit and make music and design clothes and design the stage performances. We’re obsessed with music and art we let it run our lives, and that’s what art pop really sounds like.”

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