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25 Oct 2021
10:43 am

Vaccine facts: Boosters, teens and second doses

Citizen Reporter

Here’s what you need to know about Covid-19 vaccinations in South Africa right now.

There have been no deaths in South Africa as a result of Covid-19 vaccination. Photo: Martin BERNETTI / AFP

Go now!

Don’t wait, come straight to a vaccination site near you. You need not wait for an SMS and you can register when you arrive.

Get your second dose

If you missed your Covid-19 vaccination appointment or your second dose date, it’s OK. You can still get it anywhere and anytime, even if it is after the 42-day mark.


Anyone aged 12 to 17 can now get one dose of the Pfizer vaccination. The J&J vaccination is yet to be registered and approved by SAHPRA for those under 18 years. This age group can use their birth certificates as their proof of identification when registering or presenting at vaccination sites.

Booster shots

Booster doses are to be made available for people with certain co-morbidities on the recommendation of a doctor. Under review are increasing booster doses to other groupings such as health workers.

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Digital vaccination certificate

Access your digital vaccination certificate anytime and anywhere. Log onto: from any device. You’ll need your vaccination code. Over 1.5 million vaccination certificates have been downloaded.

The vaccine is safe

It protects you from getting very sick or dying from Covid-19. Over 50s are most at risk. There have been no deaths in South Africa as a result of Covid-19 vaccination. The vaccine does not cause sexual problems or infertility. But if you catch Covid-19, you could experience these problems until you recover fully. It’s another good reason to get vaccinated right away! It is also safe for pregnant women to get vaccinated at any stage of pregnancy.

Side effects

After your vaccination, you may feel a bit sick for a couple of days, as if you have the flu. That is a normal part of your body’s response as it starts to protect you from getting seriously ill from Covid-19 in future. racing, feel free to call the Covid-19 hotline 0800 029 999 for advice.

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Where to get vaccinated

You can visit any vaccination site at a government health facility or a private pharmacy or health facility. Even if you don’t have medical aid, you can go to a private facility and you won’t have to pay.

Vaccine uptake – it’s your choice

In some provinces, people between 18 and 34 are reluctant to get vaccinated and more men than women are vaccine-hesitant. The government is not forcing anybody to get vaccinated, but would like everyone to understand its benefits to them, their families and communities.