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14 Dec 2021
8:21 am

WATCH: ‘It’s been a horror story’ – Reeva’s parents demand truth from Oscar Pistorius

Cheryl Kahla

Reeva's father, Barry Steenkamp, said he would like to talk to Oscar at some point, 'man-to-man'.

Oscar Pistorius during his murder trial at the Pretoria High Court on 8 July 2014. Photo: Gallo Images/The Times /Alon Skuy

Reeva Steenkamp’s parents demand the truth about what happened that fateful day when Oscar Pistorius killed their 29-year-old daughter.

Barry and June Steenkamp’s interview

‘Distressing letter’

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, the Steenkamps said Pistorius – who shot and killed Reeva on 14 February 2013 – should serve his full sentence.

Barry and June Steenkamp revealed Pistorius sent them a ‘distressing’ letter as part of his bid for parole.

While they don’t want to share the contents of the letter, their family lawyer said it has been “like ripping a Band-Aid off a wound”.

WATCH: Reeva Steenkamp’s parents talk about Oscar Pistorius

They said it was harder to deal with the loss of their daughter as time passed, with Barry adding: “One day I would like to talk to Oscar, man-to-man. If that’s possible”.

“We feel there are still a lot of things to come out of this story and we are hoping that Oscar will tell us the truth”, Barry said.

Pistorius has ‘no remorse’

When asked if Pistorius is remorseful, Barry said it is a tough question to answer, because 90% of people who take a life will eventually feel remorse.

Reeva’s mother, however, said Pistorius has shown no remorse to date, and a mere apology is not enough. Therefore, she wants him to serve the full 13-year prison sentence.

Both Barry and June feel Pistorius’ parole could have been handled better.

Transferred to Gqeberha facility

The interview with the Steenkamps followed after the Department of Correctional Services confirmed Pistorius’ transfer to a correctional facility in Gqeberha under the St Albans management area.

Pistorius was transferred to the St Albans Correctional Centre in order to partake in the department’s victim-offender dialogue programme.

June said they were never advised that the parole board convened a date for his parole.

Oscar Pistorius’ parole

Pistorius was initially only set to be eligible for parole in March 2023.

The Supreme Court of Appeal, however, failed to account for “time served” when Pistorius’ charge was upgraded from culpable homicide to murder in 2017.

It did not consider that Pistorius had already served more than 500 days behind bars.

June said: “What was also very upsetting was the disregard for their emotional wellbeing. The proper procedure was not followed.”

Compiled by Cheryl Kahla. Additional reporting by Thapelo Lekabe.