Lunga Simelane
2 minute read
11 Jan 2022
5:00 am

South Africans can’t live on grants alone, need sustainability

Lunga Simelane

South Africa is dealing with the smallest number of taxpayers in the world, contributing to the largest amounts.

Grant recipients waiting in a queue. Picture:Nigel Sibanda

With unemployment at an all time high and South Africa’s high level of poverty, government’s initiative to introduce a new form of income support grant is one of the key risks to the country’s Treasury this year. And experts are not convinced the ANC has what it takes to fulfil its objectives with the basic income grant following its January 8th statement on Saturday. South Africa’s unemployment rate rose to 34.9% in the third quarter of 2021, up from 34.4% in the previous period. It was the highest jobless rate since equivalent data began in 2008, according to Statistics SA’s...