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14 Jan 2022
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Cop hit-and-run: 7-year-old abandoned with sister’s dead body on roadside

Cheryl Kahla

IPID is investigating and vows to deliver justice for the family of the teenager who was killed.

Photo: Twitter/@KingMntungwa

Netizens (internet users) alerted authorities to a hit-and-run incident on Thursday, in an accident that claimed the life of a 13-year-old teenager in Kwa-Theme, Ekurhuleni.

Eyewitnesses reported that a South African Police Service (Saps) officer allegedly ran over a 13-year-old teen. The policewoman then fled the scene, leaving the victim’s injured seven-year-old brother with his sister’s dead body.

Cop hit-and-run docket

IPID investigasting

Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) spokesperson Grace Langa said “an investigation into the death as a result of police action” is underway.

Langa said additional charges could be added to the case.

“This is based on what we’ve already seen in the docket”, Langa said. The docket was collected from Gauteng Ipid investigators on Thursday evening.

Duty officer to be charged for hit-and-run

Ipid learned of the incident “through social media when members of the public reported the incident”. Langa explained:

“It’s alleged the policewoman was driving a Saps marked vehicle when she ran over a 13-year-old who was trying to protect her seven-7year-old brother.

Langa said Ipid will also be charging the duty officer “who was supposed to report the matter, […] we will hold him criminally accountable for failure to report”.

Furthermore, Ipid’s executive director will arrange a visit to the deceased family; a time and date will be communicated in due course.

Power of social media

Langa said the investigating team appreciates the efforts of the public in bringing the matter to their attention:

“They managed to get a number plate and [recorded] videos of what had transpired. Everything is under control now that Ipid has taken over the case”.

Langa said Ipid will ensure justice is delivered for the family, for the injured boy, and the deceased 13-year-old girl.

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cop hit and run ekurhuleni 13 year old teen
Photo: Twitter/@KingMntungwa