Mark Jones
Road Test Editor
2 minute read
22 Apr 2022
3:16 pm

Toyota GR Cup set to get spicy around Zwartkops

Mark Jones

The Citizen's GR Yaris again lines up against five other motoring scribes for Round Two at Zwartkops.

Round 5 of the GR Cup in East London was one to forget for Mark Jones in The CItizen's Toyota GR Yaris.

The opening race at Killarney on 5 March was somewhat of a steep learning curve in terms of race pace and human dynamics.

It was tough out there. The track was new to me and finding pace was not as easy as it looked, and then I also got a harsh reminder of the old adage, “When the flag drops, the bullsh*t stops”.

Each track session in The Citizen Motoring Toyota Gazoo Racing Yaris brought a little more familiarity and pace and being aware that you are alone under the helmet put me in good shape for this weekend’s racing.

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This round sees Sean Nurse making his debut after missing round one, but he will have to work hard to mix it up with the early pace setter, Ashleigh Oldfield.

Thomas Falkiner is also not going to give up his second-place status easily, and I sure as hell am going to give it my best and look to get my GR Yaris on the podium this time around.

Our lap times have been good and were right up there, and better in some cases, than the much-vaunted VW Polo Cup cars at Killarney. Zwartkops I am sure will dish up a similar scenario, with these road-going GR Yaris cars doing race car times, and putting on a decent show in a series that is sure to grow over time.

There has been talk of the grid for race two being inverted based on your finishing position in race one. Now that could upset the apple cart in a big way. Zwartkops is a short track that is not that easy to line up a pass on, and when running identical cars getting from the back to the front of the grid in only eight laps is going to be interesting.

Join us at the National Extreme Festival at Zwartkops Raceway on Saturday.

*The Citizen Road Test Editor Mark Jones is one of six motoring journalists competing in the inaugural GR Cup.

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