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12 May 2022
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Harry would make a better King, royals least suited to royal life – astrologer

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Prince William and Catherine would make a very modern Monarch and Consort, but for the royal union to work he must let Catherine call the shots.

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As the United Kingdom gets ready to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee this weekend, the members of the royal family have been thrust into the spotlight as royal enthusiasts around the globe wonder whether Prince Charles would make a good King and if he and other future monarchs will fare well with the strict royal protocol.

Experts at collaborated with renowned celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman to analyse the birth charts of royals and assess how well suited they are to royal life.

The 10 most prominent royals were used for the research.

Honigman analysed their birth charts and assigned each royal a score for their planetary points (Sun, Moon, and Ascending) based on which zodiac sign each aligns with e.g Sun aligned with Capricorn.

Higher scores were given to those that had zodiac signs associated with being a suitable royal (Taurus signs will uphold traditions).

In-house experts then worked out an overall royal suitability score by obtaining the sum of all the scores and dividing it by the number of planetary points (3). Each royal was ranked from highest to lowest based on their overall royal suitability score.

The data was collected on 10 May 2022 and is correct as of then.

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According to Psychic Inbaal Honigman, these royals are most and least suited to royal life:

Honigman says the Queen is most suited to royal life.

“With a Taurus sun, she upholds traditions with aplomb and enjoys routines. Her Leo moon helps her feel right at home in the very uncommon position of monarch, as Leo is the lion, King of the Jungle. All helped by her Capricorn ascendant, a sign with a focused mind and a keen eye for strategy – and tact.”

The second most suited to the crown is Prince Harry.

“Prince Harry may have had the cheeky reputation in his youth, but he is “triple Earth”, boasting one of each of the Earth signs, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo as his main planets. Earth signs are mature, responsible and principled. The formerly cheeky Prince is now a respected husband and father, as well as an activist and charity supporter. He puts his family above all else. His astrology fits,” says Honigman.

He adds that Prince Charles and Camilla would make a lovely Monarch and Consort couple, as Charles shares the Taurus and Leo signs with his mother, in the hope that his unpredictable Scorpio sun won’t get in the way too much. Camilla’s double-Cancer signs are happy to let her husband take centre stage.

The astrologer says Prince William and Catherine would make a very modern Monarch and Consort, in the sense that Catherine’s Capricorn sun sign is a lot more controlled and focused than Prince William’s Cancer sun sign, and for this royal union to work, Prince William must let Catherine call the shots.

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The least suited to royal life

While Prince George, Prince William and Catherine’s eldest son, will likely be King one day, his birth chart suggests that he is not really suited for royal life.

“His chart has a prominent Scorpio placement, which isn’t ideal for a potential royal, as it is linked with secrets and lies, with impulsive tendencies and certainly away from tradition. Scorpio placements can also be creative, empathic and look after the underdog, so they’re not a negative sign, but they don’t take joy in sitting on a throne, upholding traditions which are hundreds of years old,” Honigman explains.

Surprisingly, Prince William is the least suited to royal life, according to his birth chart.

“Prince William has had his path laid out from childhood, as firstborn and future King. But his Sagittarian love of freedom and travel is evident in his life choices, from his military career and extensive official trips abroad. His Cancerian nature is ever-present in his hands-on parenting of his three young kids. No doubt he will make a wonderful monarch, but his free spirit will change traditions around the Royal Family when his turn comes,” said Honigman.