Cheryl Kahla
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13 Jun 2022
4:24 pm

Canadian Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton ‘worried’ but will ‘still rise’ despite pain

Cheryl Kahla

'Staying positive is so important', Lewis Hamilton said on Sunday, after porpoising caused him severe back pain.

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton before the Formula One Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku on 12 June 2022. Photo: AFP/Hamad I Mohammed

Despite experiencing back pain on Sunday – due to his Mercedes W13’s constant porpoising – Lewis Hamilton said he’ll see fans in Montreal at the Canadian Grand Prix next week.

Hamilton finished fourth at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on Sunday, a race he afterwards described as “the most painful” to date.

Canadian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton motivated

In an Instagram post, Hamilton said it “looks terrible and feels 100 times worse”, but is determined to recover and “overcome this hurdle” before the team heads to Montreal.

“Feeling better already, though, and motivated to keep pushing. See you next week”, he added.

Earlier, Hamilton said Sunday’s race in Baku was a “tricky one today in what’s proving to be a very tricky season”.

Positivity despite hardship

Despite the hardship, he’s determined to remain positive.

“Staying positive is so important, and after meeting all the fans in Baku [on Sunday, 12 June] it’s a bit easier to do so.”

He vowed to give it everything, and assured fans: “Our day will come; we will rise together”. Hamilton also thanked fans for their love and support.

“Seeing online that a lot of people are concerned about me with how awful it looked out there. It means so much that so many of you are sending love.”

Azerbaijan Grand Prix

On Sunday, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen crossed the finish line first, securing his fifth win for the season, with Sergio Perez taking second place, 21 points behind Verstappen.

Verstappen’s victory tightened his grip on the drivers’ standings with Perez now moving into second, 21 points behind.

Mercedes’ George Russell took third while Lewis Hamilton came in fourth.