Reitumetse Makwea
3 minute read
14 Jun 2022
5:15 am

‘I keep hoping,’ says dad as he searches for his ‘birthday’ boy

Reitumetse Makwea

Residents claimed they had repeatedly requested the City of Joburg to close open manholes in the area.

Father Kholekile Magadla is seen near a water supply pipe, 13 June 2022, where his 6-year-old boy Khayalethu Magadla fell. Picture: Sibongumenzi Sibiya

If Khayalethu Magadla screamed and called for help, it would have been muffled by laughter as children played at the Dlamini Park in Soweto on Sunday afternoon. He apparently slipped and fell into a manhole, which was yesterday covered in by a cement slab, a stone’s throw away from the swings at the park. Family members and residents searched for little Khaya, inconsolable father Kholekile Magadla told The Citizen yesterday. After hours of searching the area, one of Khaya’s friends – who was seen with him before he disappeared – confessed yesterday morning they had been playing near the manhole...