Wesley Botton
Chief sports writer
1 minute read
20 Mar 2015
11:20 am

Two Oceans route remains unconfirmed

Wesley Botton

The route for the Two Oceans ultra-marathon remains unclear, just two weeks ahead of the annual race in Cape Town, due to recent fires sweeping through the Western Cape.

Picture: Thinkstock

The Cape Town Cycle Tour was forced to chop the race distance by more than half its usual length earlier this month, using an out-and-back route along the highway, but Two Oceans organisers have confirmed the length of the 56km race will not change.

“We are still hopeful that the ultra-marathon will follow the normal route but stress that runners’ safety remains a top priority in all planning,” organisers said in a statement on Friday.

Two Oceans general manager Carol Vosloo said they were in “close contact” with the City of Cape Town disaster management team, and if the route using the Chapman’s Peak climb was not possible for safety reasons, their second-choice route including Ou Kaapse Weg would be used instead.

“Running the event over Chappies is our first choice, but with athlete safety being our top concern and with two weeks to go before the event, it is prudent to look at our alternative route as an option,” Vosloo said.

“Ou Kaapse Weg is the official alternative route and was used for four years between 2000 and 2003 when Chapman’s Peak was originally closed while the tunnels and rock fall catchment nets were being constructed.”

Vosloo said they were confident the scenic Chapman’s Peak route would stay in place, but they hoped communication with runners would help them prepare for a possible late change.