CNS Reporter/Louise Korb
1 minute read
8 Jul 2015
12:45 pm

Whites must f***off – ANC councillor

CNS Reporter/Louise Korb

The Govan Mbeki Municipality in Mpumalanga has launched an investigation after an ANC Ward councillor made a racist remark on Facebook.

Kenny Barrel Nkosi, a ward councillor at Govan Mbeki Municipality and an ANC ward councillor. Pic: Facebook

Kenny Barrel Nkosi, a ward councillor at Govan Mbeki Municipality and an ANC ward councillor, made the comment in the wake of the official visit by the Cuban 5, Ridge Times reported.

“The first people that need to f**kof are whites, cubans never oppressed us. these are our true friends they were there in the times on needs. welcom cdes welcome [sic],” Nkosi’s status read.

A screenshot of the status

A screenshot of the status

However, the municipality said the racist remark made by the councillor was his own opinion and that it was done in his own capacity.

“The matter has been investigated and at the time of the comment, the ward councillor was not representing the views of either the ANC or the Govan Mbeki Municipality, but merely as a personal opinion,” the municipality said in a statement.

The speaker of council had also talked with Nkosi over the matter, the municipality added.

In April, Wits vice-chancellor and principal Adam Habib labelled former Wits SRC president Mcebo Dlamini’s comments on Adolf Hitler “racist and offensive in the extreme”.

This after Dlamini wrote on his Facebook account that he loved Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany who initiated World War 2 and implemented fascist and racist policies.

“[Dlamini’s] Facebook posts and subsequent comments are racist and offensive in the extreme. They make disparaging remarks about various communities and assume a similar characteristic among all white people,” Habib said in a statement.

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