CNS Reporter/Erik van Dijk
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16 Jul 2015
4:49 pm

Hundreds to clean Bunny Park this weekend

CNS Reporter/Erik van Dijk

Hundreds of people are expected at the Bunny Park in Benoni, on the East Rand, this Saturday to clean up and feed the animals.

One of the diseased bunnies at the Rynfield Bunny Park. Pic: Benoni City Times

This after images taken by an animal rights group volunteer were posted online. Samantha Berger, manager of Midrand-based Kitty and Puppy Haven, said two of the haven’s inspectors went to the park after receiving a phone call from a park visitor, Kempton Express reported.

“They saw a rabbit with a broken leg, and the bone was sticking out,” Berger said.

“There were at least 18 dead bunnies in a pit. We are hoping that by bringing attention to this situation, something can be done,” she added.

The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM) has since been approached about the conditions in the park, and they said an entrance fee on Saturday could not be implemented.

“According to the by-laws related to parks and open spaces, no entrance fees are being charged at parks. Further upgrading will take place as soon as funds become available,” EMM spokesperson Themba Gadebe said.

“The EMM’s Parks and Cemeteries Division, with the assistance of the local SPCA, have started discussions on how to reduce the number of bunnies in the Bunny Park,” he added.

Gideon Strydom, the caretaker at the Bunny Park, said they often bring in the SPCA or a vet to look at the bunnies.

“There are so many bunnies and it is a huge park. To catch the sick ones would take more manpower, which we do not have,” he said.

Strydom also said the park tried to feed the animals with donations received from supermarkets.

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