Miklós Szecsei
1 minute read
30 Oct 2013
12:00 pm

GAMING: GTA V has shipped 29 million copies

Miklós Szecsei

Within three days of its launch, Grand Theft Auto V had sold 16 million copies, raking in over $1 billion. That makes it the fastest selling video game in history.

It also makes it the most successful entertainment product on the planet having generated more money in a short space of time than any previous game or film could ever hope for. The world, clearly, likes GTA. We’re pretty sure parent company Take-Two likes GTA as well.

In a second quarter (to end of September) financials result report, Take-Two Interactive has revealed that GTA Vhas shipped 29 million copies in six weeks. Don’t forget that “shipped” is different to “sold”. Still, there are 29 million copies of the game in houses and stores across the globe. That means that GTA V has already beaten the lifetime shipments of GTA IV, and that game had an extra platform in the mix as well.

As a result of these figures, Take-Two Interactive has posted a record $1.27 billion in revenue for this second quarter. That figure, however, is a non-GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) figure, which means it doesn’t take into account a number of factors (such as cost of selling the game etc.) that would make that amount a lot less impressive.

Take-Two’s GAAP figures for the second quarter don’t actually include GTA V because GTA Online launched on 01 October, and Take-Two only considers complete games when calculating quarterly financial reports. Consequently their GAAP sales figure is just less than $149 million, which is around 45% lower than this time last year.

This article first appeared on NAGonline