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28 Sep 2015
4:28 pm

Eusebius posts pic of ‘worm’ in Woolies salad

Citizen Reporter

Well-known political analyst and author Eusebius McKaiser sent twitter ablaze when he posted a photo of a caterpillar in his food at Woolworths on Monday afternoon.

At 2.51pm McKaiser tweeted the photo with the words: “I was served a young caterpillar from . Dear Woollies: I divorce you. I divorce you. I divorce you.”

The Citizen contacted Woolworths, who sent the following statement: “We always welcome feedback from our customers and always strive to maintain the high standards that they have come to expect. We have engaged with the customer and we are still investigating the matter.”

The retailer also apologised to McKaiser on twitter.

At the end of last year a customer posted a picture that went viral on social media of a dead frog in a salad, while another claimed to have found another critter in a pack of mushrooms. While the number of these kinds of stories has grown as the reach of social media has skyrocketed, there have also been claims that turned out to be false – affecting various food retailers.

Below are some of the tweets from Monday afternoon: