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30 Mar 2020
8:43 am

Cigarettes back on the shelves along Garden Route

Citizen Reporter

The municipality put its foot down regarding the sale of ready-made hot meals, but said supermarkets selling cigarettes may continue to do so.

Picture: iStock

Amid the coronavirus lockdown, a discussion was held over two days at the Multi Agency Command Centre at the Garden Route District Municipality.

Talks revolved around three issues: the standardising of trading hours, selling meals-to-go, and the sale of cigarettes. 

It was decided that trading hours selling food must be standardised. Trading hours will, therefore, remain between 8am and 6pm daily. 

The municipality put its foot down regarding the sale of ready-made hot meals. 

“No business, food outlet, including supermarkets, restaurants or cafes, will be allowed to provide any hot prepared meals, meals-to-go or takeaways to any member of the public.”

However, by far the most victorious of the three issues for nicotine-addicted Garden Route residents, is that the initial decision taken to ban the sale of cigarettes has been reversed. 

Although only supermarket outlets can sell cigarettes, and not tobacco-only traders, many residents will be throwing away their patches during the 21-day lockdown. 

It is not yet clear if this decision accounts for the country or only the Garden Route. Updates to follow as more information is made available. 

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