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4 Apr 2020
10:39 am

Plans in motion to move thousands from Dunoon, but some residents refuse to go

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Local government has identified four parcels of land that will be used to relocate over 10,000 residents of Dunoon and Kosovo to residential units.

This house in overcrowded Dunoon is on sale for R1,728,000. Picture: supplied

The Western Cape government plans on moving thousands of people, living in informal settlements, to temporary sites. The move is part of the City’s plan to space people out and prevent a surge in Covid-19 infections.

But Fezeka Mrwetyana, a resident in Dunoon, Cape Town, told News24 she will not budge.

“I can’t leave, I want to stay here. Only if they promise me it’s a permanent place for me. They have water, toilets, everything and it’s as close as Dunoon,” Mrwetyana explained.

She has been living in Dunoon for the last 28 years, and says her life is there.

Another resident, Lungeswa Bhence, told News24 that she would move to be safe from the coronavirus.

“I would agree to be moved because of the coronavirus,” Bhence said.

The 53-year-old mother of five told News24 that she is worried about what her children will say.

Western Cape MEC for Human Settlements, Tertius Simmers, said the coronavirus pandemic has sped up his department’s plans.

“We have two choices in life, we can either stay 1.5m apart or 1.5m below. It’s our choice,” he said.

Local government has identified four parcels of land that will be used to relocate the residents of Dunoon and Kosovo.

Over 10 000 residents will be housed in three-storey structures. The residential units will be fitted with all the necessary amenities.

The Western Cape government said it expects to be able to move the people within a few weeks.

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