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15 May 2017
2:26 pm

Meet Diphetogo, the man who has changed the game on Twitter

Citizen Reporter

This previously unknown man has become a sensation overnight for a 'miracle cream' that's making him 'turn white'.

Picture: Twitter

With only 631 followers and having tweeted 980 times, Twitter user Diphetogo Gee is becoming a force to be reckoned with. Diphetogo, according to his Twitter bio, is a dedicated Christian who believes in the power of prayer.

“Prayer is a coming to God, telling Him my need, committing my way [to Him], and leaving Him to deal with it as seemeth Him best,” reads his bio, a quote he got from author A.W. Pink.

He joined Twitter in August 2016, and the first picture he shared was of two white women at the beach, with the word ‘imaginary’ as the caption, along with an ‘in love’ emoji, leaving us thinking he is probably more into white women.

However, Diphetogo’s claim to fame is neither his Christianity nor his love for white women. On Friday he shared his “before” and “after” pictures, and this has earned him respect from his followers. Now every woman seems to have been taken by this handsome lad, who seems to also be a fan of sunglasses.

In the picture, Diphetogo shared with his followers the amazing changes on his face as a result of using Gentle Magic products. His before picture shows him with pimples (though that’s actually quite hard to see owing to the picture quality) and looking a bit darker.

His after picture has him looking lighter and happier.

“You can’t tell me it doesn’t do magic,” he wrote.

He further asked people to retweet for awareness, which they did, 1,200 times and counting, and this is why Diphetogo is now famous.

Check out how people reacted to his post: