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21 May 2017
4:28 pm

Gigaba slated for his ‘radically transformed’ pants

Citizen Reporter

Maybe his wife threw him out and he had to borrow a pair of trousers from someone, said one Twitter user.

Malusi Gigaba: Picture: Twitter

Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba has again found himself on the wrong side of Twitter after a picture of him addressing an ANC event in an “inappropriate” outfit emerged on Sunday.

In the picture, the minister can be seen on stage addressing a crowd wearing a white shirt, Oslo cropped trousers and a beanie.

Twitter is just not impressed that a minister could dress like this and expect things to run smoothly in the country.

These were some of the reactions on Twitter:

“Ja! The trouser is radically transformed.”

“Looks like his trousers been nationalised….looks like his trousers been nationalised.”

“Looks like he’s expecting floods. He’s obviously nowhere near Cape Town.”

“Maybe his wife threw him out and he had to borrow a pants from someone. The beanie.”

“Results of association with Guptas=junk everything.”

“More Like dressed to enrol at a mental institution.”

“Ever heard of pull up your socks? Gigs is not here for that thus we’re doomed. Next time he & Mbaks will be exposing their six pack belly.”

Some, however, defended him, saying people were being “petty” for criticising Gigaba’s outfit.

“Black people are always pulling themselves down. If it was Emmanuel Macron, they will all go like hmm!! He got style. I respect apartheid,” one said.

Gigaba must not be judged based on his dress code as he, just like everyone else, was allowed to wear what he liked, said his defenders.

This is not the first time the minister has been criticised for his dress code.

Former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor has previously criticised the minister after sharing a picture of him in full SAA pilot gear at the state of the nation address in 2014. Gigaba had never even flown a kite, she said.

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