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27 Oct 2017
11:22 am

Facebook page exposing ‘deadbeat fathers’ gets Mzansi talking

Citizen Reporter

The accused men have also hit back with their own Facebook page, explaining why they have not been maintaining their children.

There seems to be chaos on social media caused by a Facebook page dedicated to exposing child maintenance defaulters. Women have been posting photos of the accused men and their phone numbers for people to call and ask why they have not been fulfilling their duties.

According to the description of page Izinja ezingondliyo (Dogs that don’t pay maintenance), it seeks to expose all the fathers “who have failed to do the most basic thing – taking care of their offspring”.

“This page does not encourage personal agendas that have nothing to do with the child, and if any mother uses this page for any other reason besides ‘exposing inja engondli’ she will be held liable for her actions.

“Should the man prove beyond reasonable doubt that you lied, I will give out your name, and you may be charged for defamation of character.

“DISCLAIMER: The information and views set out in this page are those of the mothers who post via inbox. Izinja ezingondliyo page and its administrators distance themselves from untruthful information and shall gladly give out names of mothers who post LIES should it be proven beyond unreasonable doubt.”

The administrator further reiterated that should any mother send incorrect information, they would be sued for defamation of character.

The page has already garnered more than 100 000 followers, with more than 10 fathers already been “exposed” just this morning.

While some have warned that “disgracing and exposing” people like this would not end well for the parties involved, some said it was time these people did the right thing.

But fathers have hit back with their own page, Reasons Why Singondli, with men providing reasons for their behaviour.

One man says: “Females are selfish and evil creatures. They use their money on weaves and clothes but the father is expected to spend all his money on the child.”

These were some of the reasons:

“Once you start using your child to settle scores against me then I cut ties with both of you.”

“Children have many fathers and the day we had a fight you said the child was not mine. The person’s true colours are seen on days like these.”

“You asked for this child and I told you that the money I had was not enough. You said the baby is going to be yours alone, stand up and tell your friends that you cannot ask a man to give you a child if he doesn’t want to have one.”

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