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Charles Cilliers
1 minute read
5 Apr 2018
4:20 pm

‘UFO’ spotted out of plane window, or is it just a trick of the light?

Charles Cilliers

Is this Independence Day, or just a beguiling shaft of light at the end of the day?

Today a new video on YouTube was sent to us as possible evidence that aliens may be here and up to something.

Some of the footage in the long and rambling clip was shot by someone who woke up on a flight in the US to notice what appears to be a strange illuminated object hovering beneath the clouds in the midst of a thunderstorm. The footage had been sent to a UFO expert who feels that there’s something possibly extraterrestrial going on here.

Take a look below.

The UFO enthusiast doing the narration admits to being completely baffled by the strange glowing light in the distance, which looks like “fire” to him. He appears to only consider one alternative explanation for what it might be other than something beyond human understanding: a light on the plane’s wing. That is quickly discounted, though.

Unfortunately for all those who are trying to find “the truth that’s out there”, this is probably no more than a break in the clouds through which some sunlight is shining at a distance beyond the storm.

It’s a trick a light, and a few people who comment on the YouTube video also point this out.

The truth is out there, sure, but the lies are still concocted in our heads.