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9 Aug 2018
1:42 pm

WATCH: ‘ANC man’ blames alcohol for calling Matika a ‘used condom’

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The video was shared by EFF leader Julius Malema, but some allege the apology part was faked.

Picture: Twitter screenshot

A hilarious video circulating on social media shows an ANC office bearer first insulting the now ousted mayor of Kimberley, Mangaliso Matika, before apparently apologising to him at work the next day.

In the clip, he calls Matika a “barbarian” and even a “used condom” politically, who must relinquish his office.

The man is clearly intoxicated and has a quart of beer in his hand. The “next day”, though, a supposedly far more sober version of the man supposedly apologises for what he said and blames the booze as well as people who took advantage of his state to “provoke him” and film him.

However, some have said the video has been faked, and the man in the first half of the clip is not the same one in the second. They claim he doesn’t even look and sound the same.

Even so, it’s all still very funny.

Watch the video below:

Many on Twitter found it very amusing.

At the end of July, after Matika refused to step down as mayor, demanding that “proper process be followed” before he left office, he was ordered by the Northern Cape High Court to pack his bags – at least for now.

The ousted mayor made submissions against the outcome of last week’s no-confidence motion against him. He wanted to stay in office for at least another three weeks.

He viewed the attempts for his removal as unlawful.

He agreed to leave office until August 22, when there will be another hearing. The new mayor was named as Pula Thaba.

DA Northern Cape provincial leader Andrew Louw released a statement that said Matika’s refusal to abide by the outcome of the no-confidence motion showed he had no interest in the people.

He said after the judgment that the Northern Cape High Court had upheld the interests of the community and listened to the urgent pleas from residents that Matika should step down.

Matika’s refusal to leave his post caused a huge outcry from locals, who again took to the streets to express their dissatisfaction.

Community leader Tumelo Mosikare said there was a “dictator” in the city, and the businesses, people and now children were suffering because of Matika’s refusal to vacate his position.

Both ANC and DA councillors had voted to oust Matika last month following calls from the community for him to step down.

The ANC members who voted to remove Matika may have fallen out of the step with their fellow party members, according to ANC provincial secretary Deshi Ngxanga, who called the no-confidence meeting against Matika “bogus”, warning disciplinary steps might be taken.