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12 Aug 2018
1:37 pm

EFF makes fun of Cyril’s sad face as he announces expropriation plan

Citizen Reporter

Both the president's critics and fans – oddly enough – believe he isn't keen on changing the constitution to take people's land without paying for it.

President Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: Twitter/EFF

A still frame from the televised recorded speech President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered late on Tuesday night last week announcing the ANC’s resolve to push through constitutional change on land expropriation without compensation has been used by the Economic Freedom Fighters to mock the president.

The EFF has long alleged that Ramaphosa is not radical enough to back such expropriation and he is merely trying to appease pro-Zuma forces in the ANC who are using the policy of “radical economic transformation” to isolate and embarrass Ramaphosa.

Only a few commentators believe Ramaphosa – a billionaire with a long history of doing business in the private sector – is genuinely enthusiastic about a policy change that could hurt the economy by damaging investor perceptions about South Africa and its commitment to property rights.

The EFF’s deputy president, Floyd Shivambu, said the expression on Ramaphosa’s face was typical of a man announcing “a position on #LandExpropriation, even when you don’t agree with it”.

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The ANC, which allegedly wants to push through constitutional changes to section 25 with the help of the EFF before next year’s elections, is hoping a more radical expropriation-without-compensation policy move will help it to win re-election with enough of a majority to remain the governing party.