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15 Jul 2021
5:10 pm

WATCH: ‘Lock down the Apple Store!’ – Ozzy Man reviews SA looting

Citizen Reporter

After the dodgy week South Africans have had, we all deserve a laugh, and Australian comedian, Ozzy Man has just the right medicine with his latest viral video.

Picture: Video screengrab

South Africans always seem to find a way to make light of really serious situations, but the violent protests and looting that rocked KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng for the past seven days may have left the country a little too traumatised and thus slow in jumping on the meme train.

Australian comedian, Ozzy Man, however, managed to conjure up a giggle from us with his latest review.

Providing commentary on news footage shot by eNCA during the looting in Pietermaritzburg earlier this week, he gives his observations on a ‘shopper’ trying to fit a 58-inch flat screen into his car.

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“We have a bloke that wants a big f*ck of TV. He’s chosen a 58 inch. I believe it has Netflix already on there, which is handy, no one likes to invest in, or loot, a separate piece of technology to access a streaming service,” Ozzy Man remarks.

He goes on to comment how a 44-inch flat screen would have been better suited for this car, and also praises the looter’s respect for the rules of the road.

“I gotta say, I love that he has his hazard lights on. This is a person that respects the rules of the road. Sure, sure – he’s in the middle of a theft, but he’s a considerate driver.”

The ‘shopper’ is seen struggling to fit the flat screen in his car for several minutes, when another car passes him with a flat screen on the roof.

This scene has Ozzy Man ‘furious’ on the lone looter’s behalf. “Look at these arrogant wankers rubbing it in his face with their TV on the roof, working as a team. That’s insensitive, to show off in front of a lone looter like that.”

Watch the Ozzy Man looter review below:

Warning: The video contains strong language.