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4 Aug 2018
12:23 pm

Shrien Dewani shows off his Brazilian man four years after murder trial

Citizen Reporter

The father of the late Anni Hindocha has reacted to the news, reportedly asking: 'Why the f**k did he get married if he knew he was gay? He was lying to me all this time.'

Brazilian-born photographer Gledison Lopez Martins (left) and Shrien Dewani (right). CREDIT: Instagram/Shrien Dewani

Shrien Dewani, 38, is enjoying happier times with a new man in his life four years after his murder trial in the Cape Town High Court.

The high court cleared Dewani of the murder of his wife, Anni Hindocha, when they were in South Africa on honeymoon.

Dewani has reportedly found love in the form of photographer Gledison Lopez Martins, a Brazilian photographer. The two have apparently been enjoying overseas trips together, including a trip to Dewani’s home country, India.

It surfaced during Dewani’s trial that his sexual orientation was apparently a source of tension in his relationship with Hindocha.

Hindocha’s father, Vinod Hindocha, has reacted to the news of Dewani’s relationship to Martins, and reportedly asked: “Why the f**k did he get married if he knew he was gay? He was lying to me all this time.”

India is a relatively conservative nation, where coming out would have posed a possible threat to Dewani. To navigate this cultural climate, members of the LGBT+ community in India may feel pressured to hide and enter into heterosexual arrangements to please their families and communities.

Hindocha’s body was found in 2010 after a botched hijacking, and Dewani was accused of offering three local men thousands of rands to murder Hindocha. Because of insufficient of evidence, Dewani was acquitted of the murder charge in 2014.

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