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Vicky Abraham
2 minute read
26 Jun 2017
5:44 am

DRC activist predicts bloodshed over Kabila saga

Vicky Abraham

Kabila, who has been president since 2001, has been branded an illegitimate leader who is not recognised by his nation.

DRC President Joseph Kabila.

The Democratic Republic of Congo streets will be “soaked with blood” if long-serving President Joseph Kabila does not step down in December.

Speaking to The Citizen from the DRC, Congolese activist and political analyst Fidel Bafilemba stressed that Kabila’s time had expired and he should quit.

“Anybody can be our next president. It doesn’t matter who that person may be. But it cannot be someone like Kabila.

“He has proven not to be a patriot, a genuine accountable president to the Congolese people. All he has done is the opposite of what a patriot will do for his people. Kabila was recruited to fail the Congolese nation,” said Bafilemba.

Kabila, who has been president since the assassination of his father, Laurent-Desire Kabila, in 2001, has been branded an illegitimate leader who is not recognised by his nation.

Kabila, 46, was expected to step down last year but he declined, stating: “I cannot allow the republic to be taken hostage by a fringe of the political class.”

According to media reports, Kabila has even disregarded requests by the US, the European Union and a majority of the Congolese to hand over power.

“I think people are waiting for the right time,” said Bafilemba. “If he does not step down in December and agree to fair democratic elections, the people will take to the streets and there will be bloodshed all over.

“If people can get their hands on him, I don’t know what will happen.

“It is a disappointment to see Jacob Zuma, the president of a democratic country, teaming up with Kabila, given all he has been doing to the Congolese.”

He said Zuma was merely acting as a businessperson at this stage and not in the interests of Africans, especially Congolese.

The South African-based African Diaspora Forum general secretary Prince Abenge said Kabila does not have the mandate to represent the Congolese.

“Kabila is an illegitimate president, so how can South Africa host him?

“He is occupying the presidential seat illegally,” said Abenge.