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16 Nov 2017
11:05 am

Details: How a Zim pastor predicted Mugabe’s downfall this year

Citizen Reporter

The pastor was jailed at the beginning of this year for daring to reveal his prophecy about President Robert Mugabe's downfall.

Pastor Phillip Mugadza. File photo

Pastor Phillip Mugadza spent a few months in a Zimbabwean prison in January this year.

His crime was that he publicly revealed a prophecy, and said Mugabe would die this year. Mugadza said this fatal event would occur on October 17, and was promptly jailed as a result.

“When I was in prayer‚ God said to me: ‘This year the president is dying.’ He told me to say that he is dying on the 17th of October‚” said Mugadza

Upon his release from prison, Mugadza did not retract his prophecy, and instead, he said that Mugabe’s downfall was imminent.

“It was brought to me to say that there has been a postponement of the prophetic word which I had spoken in the month of January 2017.”

“What happened after that has proved and shown me that the president misunderstood what I said‚ because I remember saying that if he wants to prolong his life‚ he has to go before God. Having said that‚ I thought he’d understand that and go to God‚ but instead he dragged me to the courts and into prison for 55 days‚” Mugadza said in an interview with a TV station.

“So I really want to take responsibility by saying‚ ‘Mr President‚ I am really sorry that you misunderstood what I said. But you know what‚ sir? I am not apologising for what I said. What I said still stands‚ if you do not do anything about it.'”

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