Rhoda Kadalie
3 minute read
7 Apr 2017
5:31 am

No Darwin Award for street-smart Jacob Zuma

Rhoda Kadalie

Zuma will not remove himself and the ANC is determined not to allow it.

President Jacob Zuma attends a luncheon for world leaders during the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly at the United Nations headquarters in New York, New York, USA, 20 September 2016. EPA/PETER FOLEY / POOL

Just as the nation prepared itself to bestow the Darwin Award upon President Jacob Zuma, in the hope he would remove himself as president of the country, the ANC leadership bands together, yet again, to retain Zuma as the centre of power of their movement.

Bowel movement I prefer to call it. Named in honour of evolutionist Charles Darwin, the Darwin Awards “commemorate those who improve the gene pool by removing themselves from it”. Diluting the ANC gene pool considerably, it seems the party is willing to deplete the genetic make-up it needs to survive as a species.

Alas, we are not so lucky. Zuma will not remove himself and the ANC is determined not to allow it. They resolutely entrench him, thus also the Guptas.

Darwin Awards would be tragic if they weren’t as hilarious for the gross stupidity of their recipients.

“(March 25, 2017, Mexico) Standing on a truck on an airport runway, our Double Darwin Award-winners Nitzia and Clarissa chose a regrettable location for a cellphone selfie. Ms Corral, 18, and Ms Miranda, 17, were attending horse races held on a track adjacent to the runway. According to the Diario de Chíhuahua, the noise of the races and the desire for a new profile picture distracted the women. They did not hear the descending aircraft and the wing of the plane struck and killed them instantly.”

“(June 7, 2016, Wyoming) Colin Mathaniel Scott, 23, was enjoying a graduation vacation at Yellowstone National Park when the beautiful Porkchop Geyser hot spring reminded him he could use a good soak!

“But ‘hot-potting’ is a forbidden delight, ruled off-limits for good reason: You will die. The Portland resident thought his edjumacation conferred the smarts to know when to break a rule. So Colin left the boardwalk and cruised up a hill in search of a private hot-pot soaking spot. In this area of the park, thin mineral crusts that resemble solid ground conceal scalding water pools! Recorded on video, Colin is seen reaching down to check the temperature, slipping and falling into the boiling acidic water.”

Back to Zuma. Whatever we might think of his lack of education, this former cattle herder is street-smart. His political savvy leaves many in the international community astounded.

Nationally, the pundits and civil society movements clutch at straws as they initiate one vote of confidence after the other in parliament to unseat him. Protest marches have been unable to dislodge the villain. Even the ANC, with their collective IQ, is clueless as to how to get rid of JZ. The Zulu-Xhosa war for hegemony rages on.

Unless the opposition join forces and civil society decides to mount protests akin to the ones initiated against communist tyrants in Eastern Europe in the 1980s and 1990s, nothing will ever unseat Zuma. Rolling mass action that keeps people on the streets for days, with the world’s media by its side, is the only way to unseat this tyrant.

Lest we forget, the glue that unites the ANC is the super-glue of corruption. Whether or not the Guptas steal our family silver is of no consequence to a party that wants Helen Zille fired over a tweet about colonialism. Yet they help a family of random Indians from India colonise our economy, Treasury and national wealth!

FILE PICTURE: Rhoda Kadalie, anti-apartheid activist, making a speech in Athlone.

FILE PICTURE: Rhoda Kadalie, anti-apartheid activist, making a speech in Athlone.

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